Beloved Games: X-com UFO Defense

Recently at lunch we’ve been chatting about our favorite games. In the next few posts, I’ll mention some of my favorites and why I love them. First up, X-com UFO Defense. This was the game that got me into computer games. I vividly remember going to a friend’s house after school to play a mission or two before going home.

Intro video:

Tactical Video (please ignore the voice-over, this was the best I could find on YouTube):

The best part of this game was the blend between strategy and tactics. You build out your bases, which determines how well you can patrol the skies for UFO invasions. Periodically UFO’s attack, sometimes you can shoot them down, sometimes they skip past you. When you do poorly, they set up a base and you lose funding from a contributing country. When it goes well, your budget increases. The research and manufacturing aspects of the game work really well to balance out your playthrough. There’s nothing like the unknown of landing your craft and looking out through the fog of war. How are you going to disembark the craft? Will you be shot on sight? Will you be able to fire first?

If you want to give it a shot, it is only $4.99 on steam.

When I brought up this game, our resident artist, Jeremiah Washburn brought up that he had actually worked on a remake of the original game called XCom Genesis. The team was located right here in Chapel Hill, NC. This unfortunate tale can be read in this interview with Dave Ellis.

Recently, there has been talk of 2K Marin doing a sequel as an FPS. This doesn’t really sound all that appealing to me. However, two indie spiritual remakes do sound interesting: Isochron and Xenonauts.


~ by shaunkime on April 19, 2010.

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