Procedural city destruction

Found a really interesting post from Kotaku today about a procedural city tech demo. It seems like they hit a lot of the high points: procedural city interior and exteriors, destruction, and instanced object placement. What is unclear to me (their website is down) is if they plan to license this as middleware or if it is purely a tech demo for a new game. It appears to be middleware, since it has its own name and company associated with it. If so, the real key is how easy it is to create content and tweak the parameters. Most of the existing procedural city middleware engines fall down on this account. Admittedly this is a really complex problem, but procedural rulesets do not come easily to most artists and designers and to be useful to games you have to get them involved. A completely procedural ghost town city is only cool for a tech demo, not a game.

Kotaku: Will Crysis2 Be Able To Render NYC Like This?

If you’re interested in procedural city generation, Digital Urban is a great resource.
Some procedural city middleware:


~ by shaunkime on January 28, 2010.

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