Modern Warfare 2

For my birthday, my wife bought me Modern Warfare 2 since she’d heard me talk about how well it was selling. It was one of her better impromptu gift choices. In any event, I was intrigued by how many people bought the game and have spent the last few nights playing through the single player campaign.

In many ways, the game is similar to a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. There are tons of memorable action scenes, but the plot has more holes than Swiss cheese. In fact, I think the plot is almost Transformers 2 incomprehensible. The game’s premise is that a Russian leader sets off a mass murder spree, frames the CIA for it, then launches a full scale invasion of the US. Sounds similar to why we invaded Afghanistan, but with the major plot hurdle of the fact that the US is caught unawares because the Russians have some sort of global override to our satellite surveillance system. This is an Anti-Trust level deus ex machina that I just don’t buy. Later plot twists make even less sense as you are betrayed for the flimsiest of reasons.

In terms of the gameplay, it definitely was fun. The sniper rifle steadying mechanic was solid. Quick auto-aiming was really useful for a casual FPS player lime myself. The levels were tightly paced and offered good balance between offensive and defensive goals.

Now I have to wait for Mass Effect 2. I have Dragon’s Age, but have found it to be a major letdown.


~ by shaunkime on January 28, 2010.

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