Worst wake-up call… EVER

I’m traveling this week and the week has already started off with shenanigans. After pretty much a full day travelling, I was looking forward to dumping my bags in my room and going to the grocery around the corner for a snack. I checked in, got my key, and went up to my room. The key opened the door and I walked in. First thing I noticed was that the door banged into the bathroom door. Odd, they usually close those after cleaning. Then my senses perk up as I realize that there is someone else in the room. Just a general weird feeling that I’m not alone. I look to the left and see bags up on one of those luggage trays. I look to the left and with what little light is there, I notice that someone is sleeping in the bed! The person groggily lifted up there head to see what the hell was making so much noise. I stood dumbfounded for a minute, didn’t say a word, then turned around and closed the door. Turns out that the front desk goofed when giving me my room. Nice!


~ by shaunkime on January 19, 2010.

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