Analysis of an IPhone App’s Sales

I’ve been following a fellow game developer named Noel Llopis for some time as he has gone Indie. He was pretty well respected in the industry as a prolific contributor to Game Programming Gems and the Game Developer Magazine. When I heard that he was doing iPhone app development from a Mobile Orchard podcast, I was excited to see if he would become as prolific a contributor to that dev community. He just put up a fantastic post tracking the sales of his app, Flower Garden, for the past year : Making a living barely on the iPhone app store. This kind of data and honesty are really fantastic in the mobile space as there still seems to be so much black magic behind being a successful app developer. Short story, $21,500 sales in one year. What will really be interesting to see is how sales take off now that he’s on the Apple Staff Favorite list.


~ by shaunkime on January 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Analysis of an IPhone App’s Sales”

  1. Woah thats a lot of money… Atleast for an app developer. They usually make around 1000 a month if Im correct (for good devs).

  2. Nice. Thanks for sharing…

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