OnLive Presentation

I just watched the OnLive presentation given by the CEO, Steve Perlman, to a group of Columbia University students. I have to say that I was pretty impressed. The video is on Viddler, so I can’t embed it.

Here is just a rough list of my thoughts:

  • Steve does a great job presenting the technology. He definitely knows his product inside and out. The willingness to give the audience tactile control adds to the effect.
  • Their secret sauce is in their compression algorithm. I’m not sure how long that will hold out. However, if they can take this lead time to build up developer and publisher relationships and market share, then they may be able to hold onto the market in the long run.
  • The fact that they went to the iPhone is pretty nice. It definitely adds to the sexiness of the tech. I wonder how much custom UI is needed. Iphone games won’t map well to point-and-click, nor would taking up a lot of screen real-estate be good either. I imagine this will just be for certain games and that there will be a custom control scheme per game.
  • I hope that they support as many business models as they claim. It would be unfortunate if this were left up to the publisher entirely. Nothing would be more annoying than paying a base fee, but still having to buy the game rather than rent. I’d be happy with a Gamefly like model, where I can get access to a fixed number of games on my monthly fee.
  • It all depends on that latency. That’s the big potential weakness and I think they know it and have planned for it. A slow rollout seems like the smart move.
  • I was pleased that he talked about the overhead of the GPU costs for heat and power. The latest GPU’s are monsters in both regards.
  • I was also pleased that they are reaching out to Indy developers. This could be a good path for them as it largely removes the barrier to trying the game. I hope that there is a good revenue-sharing model.

~ by shaunkime on January 4, 2010.

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