Microsoft’s Vision of 2019

I saw this video earlier in the week and have been chatting about it to my colleagues at work.
Video: Future Vision Montage

I think that this was a great idea to put out this vision of the future. Given the doom and gloom of most discussions about the next year or so, I find excitement of thinking about the coming years refreshing. There are some pretty straightforward extrapolations from existing or near-term technology here. E-ink, multi-touch displays, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, image-based searching and pattern-matching are all on display. The most interesting thing about the video is that it points to a world where computing is more ubiquitous than it is today. As our world gets more and more complex, we’ll need technology to be there to augment our wetware. From their latest Techfest results, its clear that some R&D is going into making this a reality. A powerpoint of a related presentation is available here.

Being a graphics and tools guy, I’m looking forward to being a software engineer in the coming years.

As an aside, I’ll have to take a look at the ORCs framework for transactional memory.


~ by shaunkime on March 8, 2009.

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  1. Congrats!!!

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