No this isn’t another tired “The cake is a lie” blog post. Instead I’d like to take a few moments to present kudos to an indie developer that has taken the mechanics of the game to a new level. This youtube video has the goods. The portals here allow for scaling and dynamic positioning with rigid body physics. Later examples have dynamic shadowing and lighting through the portals as well. I love it when people from the community see a new technique in the game and really go wild with reproducing the tech and improving upon it. My guess on the technique is that he’s using the stencil buffer to render through the portals, the way people sometimes render mirrors. The physics and lighting are much harder. I swear that I saw a video where the object was colliding with itself through a portal.

News has been quiet about the project for awhile, but the developer started a blog at http://nullsquared.wordpress.com.


~ by shaunkime on June 30, 2008.

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