Real American Hero: Guitar Hero On Tour

We were chatting about this trailer for Guitar Hero On Tour for the DS. There are so many things that I find ridiculous about the video. The Budweiser: Real American Hero and Real Men of Genius jingle singing. The odd grafting of guitar hero to the DS. The attack moves that result in DS tech demo responses. I’ll admit that I haven’t tried the game and the team may well have done a fantastic job, but it just doesn’t capture that Harmonix pseudo-rock star feel. I can go nuts on the Rock Band setup we have in the office because I’m safe with my peer group. There’s no way in hell that I’d do that on the go on the subway or on a family trip. I guess I just can’t get over the peripheral attachment. It just seems like a cash-in.


~ by shaunkime on June 27, 2008.

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