Blog link: Improving Bug Triage Through User Pain

One of the more complex parts of getting a release out the door is deciding when it is done. That sounds a little odd, but in reality all software ships with bugs. Hopefully you know about them through testing. However, should they block shipment of the product? Here’s where the complexity begins. Most of the bugs are rarely encountered. Some are work-flow blockers. Some cause crashes. Some are misspellings in documentation. Not all bugs are created equal. Everyone has their own strategy for dealing with this. A recent blog that I read did a really good job of outlining a strategy that is in line with my own metrics. The blog in question ( attempts to take all the guesswork out of classifying issues. I’ve proposed that we adopt some or all of the mechansims outlined in the blog internally as we’re changing bug database software at the moment.


~ by shaunkime on June 24, 2008.

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